Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Summer 2012

I don't even know why I'm bothering with this blog. The only reader I'll have is myself. I don't have any unique nail art skills or a legit camera, but I figured I might as well take shitty pictures of my nails and put them up.

So I went to India for a month this summer and picked up a few polishes. Polishes sold on the street are so bad that my aunt wouldn't let me consider buying any haha. The makeup counter at Big Bazaar had a whole bunch of Revlon Streetwear and Lakme polishes.

I only got a lavender shimmer for myself and the coral-pink & turquoise cremes for some friends.

And I'm hoping said friends won't ever find this blog because I decided to swatch the pink to see if it would satisfy my quest for The Perfect Coral™. It didn't, but it's pretty.


outdoor. damn, I really need to learn how to pose for these.

You can see the brushstrokes and ridges of my nails in these swatches. While that was partly due to shitty formula along with shitty application, it could've been remedied by a layer of topcoat. (I had none).

...And my 12-year-old cousin, who likes to go through all my stuff, decided he wanted to paint his big toes turquoise.

real men are confident in their sexuality (at age 12, even) and can wear pink nail polish.
And then he asked me to make it look nice and even (he was using horizontal strokes)

His toes are nicer than mine, wtf.
Yeah... I didn't get any pictures of the lavender shimmer besides this one below, but I thought it was pretty similar to Nicole by OPI's One Big Happy Fame-ily, but less sheer.

Yay for little spoons that come with candy that cost me about 2 cents.
The formula was decent. Nothing amazing. And the color selection wasn't all that great either. Good basics, I guess. I really only bought these to have Indian nail polish.

Each of these Lakme polishes were 175 rupees which isn't much when you convert ($3... wow I used the 50 rupees to a dollar conversion the whole time I was there so I thought they were around $5.50 each... damn, I knew I should've bought that stupid rs. 350 hand-painted poster) and can probably only be found in India. I got mine in Calcutta/Kolkata, but I'm sure they're in Big Bazaars or malls with makeup counters all over the country :P

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